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Quran Hifz Online

With the passage of time, technology is becoming more advance. The modes of education are also changing. More advance techniques and skills developing day by day. Traditional methods have their own value, but time is changing very fast. We know that every profession and industry is updating. There should be updates in Islamic teaching methods as well. By considering the importance of new methods in teaching, we have started a great venture. There are many types of Quran courses that are the part of this venture. Online Quran Hifz program is one of the most important courses of all. In this course, we conduct all online Quran memorization classes under great supervision.

Importance of Quran Memorization in Islam

We all know that memorizing the Holy Quran has a great value in Islam. There is countless Sawab and ranks from Allah Almighty for a Quran Hafiz. The inferences of one the Hadees said by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is:

“The Hafiz of the Holy Quran is the standard-bearer of Islam. Whoever respects a hafiz respects Allah. Allah’s curse is on those who disrespect a hafiz.” There is another Hadees about the importance of Quran Hifz, the inferences is:

“The one who recites the Quran and learns it by heart will be with the noble righteous scribes (in heaven). The one who exerts himself to learn the Quran by heart and recites it with difficulty will have a double reward.”

Why Online Quran Memorization Classes?

It proves that being a Muslim we should have great will to learn Quran by Heart. We should also pay respect to the Muslims who have memorized the Holy Quran. If you want to get a complete training of Quran Hifz then you should join our online Quran Hifz course. In our Quran Memorization course, we will teach you from very basics. It will include all the classes of Quran Tajweed and Tarteel. 

There is no need to find Quran Hifz classes near me. 

You do not have to travel to a long distant Madrassa or spend many hours there. You need to come online from your home and our best teachers will give you online Quran Hifz classes. We have a proper multimedia system for the best audio and video quality. In fact, we are best for online Quran memorization classes.

We have many Quran teachers and Huffaz from top Madaris. Our teachers have a qualification in Islamic education. They also have great skills in modern studies. We are facilitating our teachers with high tech gadgets. We have modernized the whole process of learning Quran. Online Quran memorization classes were never so easy before. In fact, the online Quran memorization course has an extra edge over the physical classes.

We are working hard to make sure that there should not be any kind of interruption in online Quran classes. We conduct online Quran memorization classes by using high tech gadgets. We also have fast speed networking for online Hifz program. It will allow you to take all your Quran Hifz classes from your home. There will be no disturbance in your availability and timetable Inshallah.

Who Should Join Us!

We have taken this step of teaching the Holy Quran online because we are aware of the importance of IT. It is making things easy in our lives.

People have no time for the physical classes and there is also a great risk. People are afraid of sending their kids to face to face classes.

People who are afraid of sending their kids to face to face classes should join us.

The online Quran Hifz program is safe and easy to attend. Our Quran memorization course is also very beneficial for those who have no time.

The Handicapped People who cannot move from their homes can also join. Our online Quran Hifz classes have special facilities for them.

The children, who are getting school education and have a will to learn the Quran by heart should also join.

We encourage them to join online Quran memorization classes. Online Quran Hifz classes will take very little time from your daily routine.

It will be so easy and simple. We assure you that it will not put an extra burden on your kids. You should have will power for this Holy cause.