Learn Tafseer online

Learn Tafseer Online

The Holy Quran is a wonderful book from Allah Almighty. Allah has delivered it to us by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the guidance of the whole world. The Holy Quran is very simple as well as a technical Book to understand. As we all know that the original script is of the Holy Quran is in the Arabic Language. We can say that it is very simple for the people who know the Arabic Language. 

The whole world does not know Arabic as their native language. That’s why it is very important for us to have translation and explanation in our native languages. If you want to Learn Tafseer online to understand the Holy Quran, then join us. Our online Tafseer classes in Urdu are very effective. Our online Quran Tafseer course has authentic sources. We know that it’s a great obligation to teach the Holy Quran. That’s why we have taken very expert and authentic Ulama and Mufassareen in our panel.

What is Tafseer?

The term Tafseer is the Arabic word and its meanings are “a technical explanation” of the Holy Quran. For a better understanding of the Holy Quran, we must have the right translation. Logical and authentic references are also important. 

If you want to understand the real meanings of any Verse? It is important to understand the reason, logic, and context behind this. The researchers, Islamic historians, and Ulama and Mufassareen do this. Mufassir is the word that is for the person, who gives an explanation of the Holy Quran. 

He does it with the references of Ahadees, authentic sources, and history of the event. No one should do the Tafseer of the Holy Quran with his own sense and own logic. We should only concern those Quranic Tafseers that have right and authentic references. That’s why we are taking great care of the credibility in our online Tafseer Classes. 

If you want to learn Tafseer online then join our online Quran Tafseer course. We have great scholars who will teach you to understand the translation of the Holy Quran. Our qualified scholars will give you all online Tafseer classes in Urdu.

Who Should Join?

Anyone, who has an interest can join our online Quran Tafseer course. It is a great opportunity for elder citizens to spend their extra time to learn this great skill. Home-based learning is a great thing for Females also. They can take online Tafseer classes in Urdu from Home. Kids can also join us to learn online Tafseer online. We have teachers for kids, females, and gents. You can choose the timetable for online Quran Tafseer course. We conduct all classes by taking great care of your convenience and availability. 

We will refer all students for authentic Tafaseers and holy Quran translations. We will guide you to choose the best and authentic sources. Reading the Holy Quran is a great Sawab. We can get countless Sawab if we start reading the Holy Quran with proper understanding. We assure you that the explanation of the translation of the Holy Quran in Urdu will help you a lot. It will be very effective in understanding the real meanings of the Holy Quran.